One Big Sustainable Island

About Us

Meet Kent, Sky and the 1BSI crew!

Kent is a Registered Maine Guide Kent is a Registered Maine Guide. He started working on the island in 2007, is the Executive Director of the Non-profit that stewards the island, and has been living, breathing and teaching island life ever since. He was raised in Monmouth, took a 25 year hiatus from his home town and then returned to pursue this dream and be close to family.


Loon with fish.


Since the beginning, 1BSI has been about creating community. Our Annabessacook Lake neighbors have been an important part of our growth and success. You will see many of them on the lake, visiting the island, or on shore. Many of them have volunteered their time in ways that range from swinging hammers and running chainsaws to serving on our Board of Directors.

Also part of our crew is our Staff - we call them "The Provisioners." Mary, Lydia, Bill, Ruby, Sean, Rob, and Penny are all super dedicated contributors to this island endeavor. We could not be where we are today without their skills, efforts, and humor.



Sky, our Island Dog Diplomat, was born August 23 and joined our family December 13, 2018. She is Alaskan Husky/Pointer and loves to run! She is also very friendly, sometimes too friendly. If she gets over the top, just let us know and we'll leash her.

We Believe...

  • Relaxation can be found by being close to nature.
  • Participating in the rhythms of the lake, you can enhance balance.
  • Experiencing the natural beauty of the lake will help you 'find your place.'

Our Mission...

We strive to create an unforgettable private island retreat for each guest through personalized service. When you visit 1BSI, you'll enjoy the many natural gifts that surround this unique place, have an opportunity to learn from the world around you, and discover something new in yourself!